Politics is Percy’s passion; Muggle or Wizarding, it doesn’t matter, he likes the deep pull of it and finding out how things work. Third born son to a pureblood wizard family of seven, Percy’s done his best to work hard and make him stand apart from his family as an individual. He adores his family, but at the same time, wants to break free and be his own person away from the herd.

Percy occasionally runs C.V. workshops for Muggleborn or Halfblood students looking to break into the Wizarding government. Furthermore, he’ll also offer his services as a T.A. to professors who need a little extra help in the classroom, because Percy loves that moment when a student’s eyes light up with recognition and joy of the subject. When he isn’t buried in his work or a good book, Percy enjoys unwinding with strategy games, teaching himself something new, or knitting (don’t laugh).  

Percy Weasley | 23 | Political Science Grad Student | Sexuality Decided by Player | Open | FC: Caleb Landry Jones

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